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  • 100% Automatic SEO

    All you have to do is add your web site and the key phrase(s) that you want to rank for and our system does the rest. That's it...

    SEO has never been this easy ever!

  • Proven Successful System

    Following the "instructions" and nuances in Google's patents and Larry Page's white papers on the Google methodology this proven system works time and time again.

  • Penguin & Panda Friendly

    Our system is non-spam and very focused on high quality, on-topic content that is informative and useful for human readers and which is also loved by Google's spiders.

  • Online Success Statistics

    As a valued member of an elite group of clients we'll provide you with daily success updates and statistics so you always have an over-view on the growth of your backlinks, social signals and ranking..

  • Massively Affordable SEO

    We've managed to very successfully automate many of the time consuming tasks necessary to provide quality search engine optimization allowing us to slash prices from thousands of dollars to a mere fraction.

  • 100% Natural Link Velocity

    Many are being penalized for having unnatural, spammy growth patterns together with erratic and obviously manipulated bursts of backlinking. With our system you get totally natural link velocity and activity!

Take a look at the quality of article posts our system creates for you and then take alook at the backend tracking system...


To Maintain Our High Level of Quality We Take A Restricted Number Of New Accounts Per Week.


  • $147per month
  • Online Success Reports
  • Daily Tracking Updates
  • High Quality Contextual Article Backlinks
  • Guest Posts On LSI Related PR+ Blog Networks
  • PR5 + WEB 2.0 Pillars
  • PR+ Contextual Article Posts
  • Wiki Backlinks
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Proactively Indexed Urls
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  • $397per month
  • Online Success Reports
  • Daily Tracking Updates
  • High Quality Contextual Article Backlinks
  • Guest Posts On LSI Related PR+ Blog Networks
  • PR5 + WEB 2.0 Pillars
  • PR+ Contextual Article Posts
  • Wiki Backlinks
  • Social Bookmarks
  • PDF Backlinks
  • Professional Press Release
  • YouTube Video
  • Proactively Indexed Urls
  • *** Social Signals ***
    Twitter, FaceBook,YouTube, Pinterest, G+1, Etc...
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How Many Highly Targetted Clicks Are You Missing?

Whatever & where ever your business you need to rank high...

Ranking number one for a key phrase and you can get 53% of all the traffic...

Lower than the top spot and you are sharing the remaining 47% and it soon tails away to next to no traffic. You MUST be on the first page of results as a bare minimum!

You can clearly see what happens further down the results:

high rankings vs low rankings

And for longtail queries SeoMoz found a similar picture...SEO Moz Google SERPS Clicks

Source SeoMoz

Percentage Of Clicks

  • 53%1. First Position Google
  • 25%2. Second Position
  • 14%3. Third Position
  • 9%4. Fourth Position
  • 4%5. Fifth Position

The bottom line is if you are not any where near the top of Google search results you won't be getting much traffic and you will also be letting your competitor take the traffic that you could, and should, be getting...

Competition To Rank Highly

Grows Every Day

You need to act NOW if you want to benefit from ranking in Google search results as every day it becomes harder and more expensive to do so.

Established, mature web sites already respected by Google are harder and harder to move off their top slots and this will only get harder with time.

You could be ranking well within a few weeks with our system but we recommend that you get started immediately as this offer can't stay open for long...

While You Are Not Ranking Your Competitor Is Stealing Food From Your Table...

If Your Customer Finds What They Are Looking For On Page One They Don't Go To Page 2...

Once you experience the difference being at the top

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Search Engine Optimization

Full Statistical SEO Analysis

Not only do we do it for you automatically we also provide you with the tools to track your success over time.

You'll get access 24/7 to your statistics and success analytics area once it is set up and will also receive a daily email showing what movement you have had in ranking and the numbers of backlinks etc...

Easy to see your SEO success when you can log in at anytime and track it...

All your backlinks and Urls are professionally indexed as a matter of course,

Each time one of your backlinks or articles is created it is then professionally indexed shortlay afterward to ensure that Google takes as many important backlink sources into account when assessing whether to rank your website or not.

This extra service is included in all packs...


Thanks guys we made it to the first page of results today. We thought we'd never get past page 40 never mind to page 1! The change in traffic is already being felt :)

Paul Thompson, Softcom

I was impressed firstly that you rank for SEO terms yourself (many don't!) and even more impressed when we went from page 61 to top ten in less than three months. Thank You!

John Morrison, SkyScanners

Just to let you know that we have two spots on the first page of Google results now so it definitely worked for us :)

LaurenTan, Singapour
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